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Chinese Xinjiang province in the northwest of the country is split by the Tian Shan mountain range perpetually covered by snow, and numerous long glaciers descend its slopes from extensive snowfields. Under the cooperation with Institute of Tibetan plateau, members of Polar Research Center tested SEMA drill at Kuosesele Glacier at elevation 5668 m a.s.l. from 10th to 30th June, 2015. The average temperature at the drilling site was around -7 °C. One hole was drilled and reached depth of 22 m in 2 days. Because of the snowstorm and avalanche happened nearby, drill team was forced to leave the site as no more food supply was possible. In general, the drilling system worked well, except cable that had split to layers. Another problem was rapid inclination of the hole that caused difficulties in drill moving in the hole. Under severe time constraints it was not possible to find right method to solve these problems.

Ice drilling in filed,Xinjiang,Tian Shan mountain

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