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About the Center

Polar Research Centre was founded on 26th December 2010 with the main aim to study various natural phenomena, occurring in the Polar Regions as well as its interaction with other components of the Earth system.

Earth's Polar Regions, Arctic and Antarctica, encompassed by the Polar Circles occupy of total some 84 million km2, 16.5% of the surface of the Earth. These areas have always been, and remain, an unexplored place and an untapped library of knowledge. The main research directions of the Polar Research Center are focused on the developing of:

· Drilling equipment to use in Polar Regions

· Low-temperature borehole logging tools and geophysical researches of ice sheets and glaciers

· Methods to study ice properties

The personnel consist of 7 full-time employees, 4 temporaries, and 15 post-graduate students. The Center built up various facilities for testing different drilling, logging, ice-core processing equipment. Recently, it is involved in four large-scale projects and dozen small-scale projects, mainly in Antarctica. Since establishment the members of PRC attended various field expeditions and published more than XX papers, 2 monographs and got XX patents.

Polar Research Centre

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