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All facilities of PRC are located at the Near-bridge site and New drilling building.

Near-bridge site is located at the XXXX district of Changchun-city, 2 km from Geological Campus of Jilin University and includes:

· Outside testing field site

· Cold workshop

· Drilling testing/storage lab

· Low-temperature drilling fluids lab

· Auxiliary room

· Storage containers

New drilling building is located at the western part of Geological Campus of Jilin University in the very heart of Changchun-city and includes:

·         ● Open access area

·         ● Open Polar geophysics lab

·         ● Open Drilling testing lab

·         ● Open Electronic lab

·         ● Open Auxiliary room

Outside testing field site occupies area of near 200 m2 and serves as all-year round ground for testing different drilling, logging, ice-core processing equipment. It includes movable house for accommodation of the power supply boxes and control system. During winter time the field site can simulate environment of the Polar Regions with temperatures as low as -25 °C. Recently field site includes:

· Stand with 10-m high mast and simulation borehole for testing of IBED electromechanical drill

· 5-m deep sediment well with tripod and winch for testing ocean corers

· High-pressure camera for testing pressure chambers

· Stand for testing of hydrostatic bailer

· Stand for testing of casing tightness

Cold workshop consists of two rooms: one tall hall, 6 m ´ 6 m ´ 15.2 m with the ice well of Æ 1  m ´ 12.5 m in the center and an entrance hall, 3 m ´ 6 m ´ 3 m. This facility allows for the testing of all kinds of mechanical and thermal ice drills throughout the year, including electromechanical cable-suspended drills, hot-water drills, rapid air drills, thermal sondes for subglacial lake exploration, and others. Additionally, this testing facility can be used to train drilling personnel prior to field work.

Drilling testing/storage lab occupies area of near 100 m2 and serves as room for indoor testing of different drilling, logging, ice-core processing equipment. It includes freezing chamber with inner space of 1 m ´ 1 m ´ 1 m of TN/GDW-010D type that can maintain a stable inner temperature down to −70 °C. The lab also serves as depository of spare parts and tools.

Drilling testing/storage lab

Low-temperature drilling fluids lab has all necessary tools to study properties of new drilling fluid compositions to use in Polar Regions: fume chambers, rotational viscometer of DC-6506 type  with an imbedded thermostat that can maintain temperature in the range –65 to 100 °C; direct-reading hydrometers; freezing chamber to cool liquids to temperatures as low as −60 °C; DRE-III thermal conductivity tester and other equipment. The lab serves also to study low-temperature ice properties, for example, friction, hardness, stress, etc.

Open-access area serves to accommodate large-scale indoor testing stands. Recently, open-access area accommodates diamond drill bit testing stand that consists of the XY-1 type rotary drill rig located on a frame, PMB-50 mud pump, QDX sewage pump, rock box, mud tank and various sensors. Six parameters, i.e. the bit load, rotation speed, torque, flow rate, depth and rate of penetration, are continuously measured and recorded during coring runs.

Polar geophysics lab serves for assembling, testing, debugging, and calibration of different geophysical tools to use in low-temperature environment. The lab has the real examples of temperature, pressure, caliper and inclinometer borehole loggers.

Drilling testing lab is equipped by tools and instruments to prepare ice drills for testing in outside site, cold workshop or in the field. It also contains 3D-printer to produce elements of drills, loggers and testing stands.

Electronic lab serves for preparation of control systems from various projects for testing in outside testing field site, cold workshop or in the field.





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